Our suggestions to encourage the child to read, to appropriate the words that tell the story, to exercise their imagination...

Young and older children
(stories and themes adapted to age)

are strongly drawn to the raconte-tapis and its promise of a story, an attraction consistently confirmed during our activities within communities.

Much like authors/illustrators in children's literature, we respect the child's critical faculties and appreciation by creating beautiful, evocative, and visually impactful raconte-tapis. However, they are also designed in accordance with how the child likes to interact with their surroundings: through play, tactile appropriation, using certain objects to 'tell themselves' stories, to express what they feel, or, in the case of the raconte-tapis, to bring to life, 'according to their heart,' what the book and its images suggest to them.

Libraries, schools, specialized establishments, leisure centers… and the professionals who work there, our Raconte-tapis interventions are aimed at you, for the benefit of the children you welcome or are responsible for…

Pleased to embark on a project with you...

based on POULE PLUMETTE by Paul Galdonea
Acquiring a

buy Storytelling-Rugs

We create our raconte-tapis on demand, always in connection with a story that can be found in children's books. Each raconte-tapis is a unique piece, designed and crafted by one of the artists in the team. The materials used are woven fabrics and padding fibres.

We operate within the realm of artistic craftsmanship, investing numerous hours of work to guarantee quality and ensure a lifespan of several years in excellent condition. This requirement obviously comes at a cost (from €600 to €1,400 depending on the story), which means that we work mainly for local authorities, for the benefit of many children.

Do you wish to acquire a racontetapis? Contact us, and we will provide you with a list of stories that can be created as racontetapis (with price indications). If you would like to suggest a story yourself, it is also possible, but subject to technical or other constraints for adaptation.

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D’après LE P’TIT BONHOMME DES BOIS de Bourre & Delye

Our training programs

Our training programs are tailored to the needs of communities and are conducted on-site. We develop the practice of racontetapis on both pedagogical and artistic fronts through the following modules:

► Awareness training on the use of raconte-tapis, spanning a day, including a demonstration in front of a children's audience, followed by a practical session for the participants. This day is ideal for communities with networked libraries that plan to acquire or have acquired "raconte-tapis," aiming to train their staff in best practices with this tool.

► Racontetapis Storytelling Workshop, over 2 or 3 days, for fluent storytelling by combining reading aloud and manipulation of the Racontetapis. Allows trainees to deepen their individual skills and put them in front of an audience.

► "Raconte-tapis" Creation Workshop – to learn how to make raconte-tapis, this module is designed for such purpose. However, its organization is more demanding as it involves multiple spaced-out sessions. Refer to our Training Sheet for more details.

 Download our Training sheet... 

Exhibition in St Hilaire-de-Riez (Vendée, France)

Hosting a major Racontetapis exhibition

A Racontetapis exhibition is designed to be utilized, animated... Interactive, it fosters sharing and exchanges between parents and children. When hosting groups of children, it provides a rich environment for discoveries related to storytelling and reading, either independently or by organizing storytelling sessions combining raconte-tapis and children's books.

You can choose 15 raconte-tapis  from the 45 titles available, which will be laid out on the floor in a dedicated space (we recommend a minimum of 80m2), complemented by 2 or 3 vertically suspended "raconte-tapis" and 5 informational frames under glass.

Services included:

    • Two storytelling sessions (additional sessions available upon request), one at the beginning and the other at the end of the exhibition.
    • A day of training for the team responsible for exhibition animation: we will cover how to tell stories using raconte-tapis, effectively manage public reception, and assist visitors in exploring the exhibited raconte-tapis.
    • Setup and teardown handled by us, with assistance from the onsite team.

Base cost: €2800 including taxes for a 3-week exhibition, inclusive of services. Additional charges may apply for travel and accommodation expenses, if necessary.

A 3-week exhibition is a minimum to fully exploit its potential with your audiences: children with parents, hosting school groups for storytelling sessions, the early childhood audience if you target them, and all professionals working with children...

The exhibition can, of course, last more than 3 weeks depending on the project. The above-mentioned package is then adjusted based on €75 per additional day.

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Based on BÉBÉS CHOUETTES (baby owls) by Waddell & Benson
Renting a

Renting a raconte-tapis

Our mini Raconte-tapis exhibitions allow communities with limited budgets to rent a racontetapis at a lower cost. A mini-exhibition includes two raconte-tapis, which can be selected from our list of titles available for rent (the list can be provided upon request).

A lightweight option to:

    • enrich your "Story Hour"
    • work around a theme
    • expand or extend your children-storytelling workshops
    • facilitate collaboration or joint work between small organizations
    • your reading/writing workshops, creative story development sessions

Initial net rate : €25 per day for a minimum rental period of 5 days. This rate can be significantly reduced based on the duration and/or the number of mini-exhibitions requested. Additionally: €30 for shipping, with return costs being your responsibility directly (Colissimo).

Don't hesitate!  With a modest budget, the children you host around these 'raconte-tapis' will deeply appreciate it!

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based on EDITH EN EFFETS by Stéphane Girel & Franck Prevot

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